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Eliza Carter (Woodyatt) Thomas Robertson

David Russell Creer's Great Grandmother

Eliza Carter (Woodyatt) Thomas Robertson

Grandmother was born in England in 1831. When ten years of age, she, with her mother and family were converted to the gospel by President Wilford Woodruff and sailed for America in 1842 with Brother Clark in charge. The ship landed at Quebec. All their money was used for their transportation so they were obliged to remain there until they could earn enough money to go as far as Ohio. From there they moved to Kanesville, three miles out from Nauvoo on the same road to Carthage. The family was acquainted with the Prophet and the family saw he and his brother Hyrum as they passed their home going to Carthage at the time of their martyrdom. The children well remember the gloom cast over that vicinity. During their stay of ten years in the east they made three homes.

Grandmother was a good driver, having had experience in driving four yoke of oxen while plowing for her brother, William Carter. Her trip across the plains was expressed by her as her honeymoon trip; she thought it was so pleasant. She and her mother were excellent cooks. Her mother having run a bakery before coming to America. Her family of ten referred to her plum puddings, currant loaves, cookies and such.

Grandmother was a beautiful looking woman and very reserved in her manners. Her home duties took most of her time and she aided her husband (William Robertson)
in the performance of his duties. Living near the church she, up until her death, made the sacrament bread and kept the linen clean. The crust from the sacrament was always enjoyed in milk by her children at their Sunday evening meal.

She possessed much pride, though they hadn’t much of this world’s goods. Her children tell of her always having a special calico dress for Sunday mornings and how they liked to see her in it.

She died at the age of 49 having suffered for many years of rheumatic, which caused her death.

Eliza was the daughter of Elizabeth Carter and Wm P. Woodyatt who did not marry. Elizabeth was sealed to Charles Thomas her mothers first husband, and of course, to her mother Elizabeth Carter Thomas. She married William Robertson 3 July 1851.
This history mentions only 10 children by Archive Records show 11 children.

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